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27 March 2012 @ 10:42 am
Two fics  
Mayhem At The Mall - Layla, Magenta, Warren, G. A Christmas shopping trip takes a slight turn for the worse. 2,177 words.

Reunion - Layla/Warren, G. A Homecoming dance, five years after graduating from high school. 766 words.

http://ciaan.livejournal.com/405659.html - Go here and scroll down a bit.

I tried to post these here earlier but the post didn't go through because of the links to the AO3. LJ has set comms to automatically moderate anything with offsite, that is non-LJ, links. And they haven't bothered to inform the mods of comms that posts aren't getting through. So if you've tried to post anything to a comm and had it go into the moderation queue and never get out, that's why.